Methane deceptions

Apr 18th, 2016 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Energy, Environment, Regulation, Technology Bill B. May 1 min read

Guest essay by Paul Driessen:   Deception, agenda and folly drive latest Obama EPA anti-hydrocarbon rules.   Are farmers next?  First they came for the coal mining and power plant industry, and most people did not speak out because they didn’t rely on coal, accepted Environmental Protection Agency justifications at face value, or thought EPA’s war on coal would benefit them.  


A Profile In Courage In Iowa: Cruz Won’t Bow To Ethanol Lobby

Jan 5th, 2016 Energy, Environment, Regulation Robert May 1 min read

IBD Staff write:  Politics: Ethanol has long been the dead man’s pass of presidential politics: No one makes it through Iowa without paying homage to the corn-based fuel now a $5 billion state industry. But this year may be different. Ted Cruz is leading the Republican polls in the Hawkeye State despite his opposition to the federal mandate requiring gasoline to be blended with 10% ethanol. He…