Damn The Food Fads, Make Mine Gluten-Full

Dec 27th, 2015 FDA, Government Robert May 1 min read

Charles Krauthammer writes: When the federal government’s 1980 “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” warned about the baleful effects of saturated fats, public interest activists joined the fight and managed to persuade major food companies to switch to the shiny new alternative: trans fats. Thirty-five years later, the Food and Drug Administration finally determined that trans fats are not just useless but unsafe, and ordered them removed…


One Bill Could Massively Improve Access to Lifesaving Drugs

Dec 25th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, FDA, Government, Health Care, Liberty, Regulation Bill B. May 1 min read

Alex Tabarrok says:  Reciprocity is an effective and common sense idea Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) have just introduced a bill that would implement an idea that I have long championed: making drugs, devices, and biologics that are approved in other developed countries also approved for sale in the United States.  


More Competition Can Regulate Drug Prices And Reduce Shortages

Nov 21st, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, FDA, Regulation Robert May 1 min read

HENRY I. MILLER writes:  The recent furor over a 55-fold spike in the cost of an old anti-parasite drug has elevated drug pricing into the political wars — with predictable consequences. On Sept. 18, the Center for American Progress, aka “Hillary Clinton’s think tank,” released a plan for “reforms to curb rising drug costs” — a blueprint that would largely substitute arbitrary price controls and…


Death By Dietary Supplement

Nov 8th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, FDA, Health Care, Regulation Robert May 1 min read

Henry I. Miller and Gilbert Ross write:  A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “ER Visits for Adverse Events Related to Dietary Supplements,” continues the decades-long drumbeat of alarms about the risks of “dietary-nutritional supplements.” The researchers from the CDC and the FDA analyzed representative surveillance data from 63 hospital Emergency Rooms over a 10-year period (2004-2013), and their statistical analysis projected…


Is The Government’s War On Trans-Fat Misguided, Too?

Sep 29th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, FDA, Health Care Robert May 1 min read

John Merline writes: Later this year, the federal government is expected to remove dietary cholesterol from its list of bad foods. The expert panel that advises the government on these guidelines concluded there’s no reason to be concerned about “overconsumption.” In other words, all those federal warnings stretching over the past four decades about how eating eggs and other cholesterol-rich food would clog your arteries…


The Dirty Truth About “Organic”

Sep 27th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, FDA, Technology Robert May 1 min read

Henry I. Miller writes:  Passionate advocates of organic farming and foods resemble members of a religious cult, one founded on a “back to Nature” mentality. They are not so fundamentalist, however, that they do not make concessions to reality. For example, organic standards arbitrarily define which pesticides are acceptable, but allow “deviations” if based on “need.” Synthetic chemical pesticides are generally prohibited, although there is…


Government Fails Us Again

May 23rd, 2015 FDA, Regulation Bill B. May 2 min read

By Bill B. May, PhD My close friend Bill thinks I’m way too harsh on the medical profession in some of my writings. I’m not really against doctors who I admire greatly for the long years of education and study to serve mankind (and hopefully themselves as well). What I am really against is the heavy hand of government in the health care field. Doctors…


The Medical Profession

Jun 23rd, 2014 FDA, Government, Health Care, Liberty Bill B. May 11 min read

By Bill B. May, PhD The medical profession has done wonders for the world’s health. The advances made over the last 100 years are indeed wondrous. When I was growing up, polio was the scourge that worried most Americans. Swimming pools were closed, special hospitals were opened to isolate polio patients, and no one knew for sure what caused the disease or how it was…