Thanksgiving Is a Celebration of Free Enterprise

Judy Thommesen writes:   [Every year at Thanksgiving-time I resurrect a column written by a fellow teacher, Kent Dillon, about the real reason we celebrate this holiday. It is a story no longer told in the textbooks because it is thoroughly unPC, and undermines the idea that government is the solver of all problems. We were teachers, as well as part of the crew, at The Flint…


Open Borders Are an Assault on Private Property

Nov 17th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Islamic Extremists, Liberty, Property Rights Bill B. May 1 min read

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. writes:  Whether we’re talking about illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America, or birthright citizenship, or the migrants coming from the Middle East and Africa, the subject of immigration has been in the news and widely discussed for months now. It is an issue fraught with potentially perilous consequences, so it is especially important for libertarians to understand it correctly. Pretty…


How the widening urban-rural divide threatens America

Victor Davis Hanson writes:   Of all the growing divides in America, none is sharper than that between city and country. For rural residents, existential issues on the national level are seen as magnified versions of personal considerations: Does the country have enough food, fuel and minerals? Can America defend itself, protect its friends and punish its enemies? These concerns differ markedly from the urbanite’s worry…


Is Your Home Your Castle? You Wish.

Nov 8th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Business, Economics, Liberty, Property Rights Robert May 1 min read

John C. Goodman writes:   Suppose your best friend is down on her luck. Magnanimously, you give her a spare room in your house, on a temporary basis, and when she starts earning some income, you let her pay rent — say, $100 a week. You would think that just about everybody would applaud you. After all, your act of charity has prevented one more person…


The Scorching of California

Nov 2nd, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Environment, Government, Property Rights Robert May 1 min read

Victor Davis Hanson writes:  In mid-December, the first large storms in three years drenched California. No one knows whether the rain and snow will continue—only that it must last for weeks if a record three-year drought, both natural and man-made, is to end. In the 1970s, coastal elites squelched California’s near-century-long commitment to building dams, reservoirs, and canals, even as the Golden State’s population ballooned….


Can California Be Saved?

Victor Davis Hanson writes: Crime is back up in California. Los Angeles reported a 20.6% increase in violent crimes over the first half of 2015 and nearly an 11% increase in property crimes. Last year, cash-strapped California taxpayers voted for Proposition 47, which so far has let thousands of convicted criminals go free from prison and back onto the streets. Surprise, surprise.  bbm    


The Underbelly Of The California Drought

Oct 5th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Environment, Property Rights Robert May 1 min read

Victor Davis Hanson writes:  It is September in California, year four of a scorching drought. Forest fires are blackening the arid state, from Napa Valley to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fly over the High Sierra and about every tenth evergreen below appears dead. Even the high mountain lakes and reservoirs are about empty – and equally void of vacationers who have few places to boat,…


Appeals court strikes down parts of D.C. gun registration requirements

Sep 19th, 2015 * RECOMMENDED READINGS, Civil Rights, Courts, Liberty, Property Rights William Nissen 1 min read

A federal appeals court has struck down as unconstitutional several of the District’s handgun registration laws, including requirements that gun owners re-register firearms every three years and a prohibition on registering more than one pistol per month. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  I remember that statement from my college days, and it is still true.  bbm