by Bill B. May

Here we go again.  And with a supposedly conservative leader in the House.  On the surface, there are few cuts in government expenses in the bill but there are a number of tax cuts.  That should warm the hearts of conservatives who believe that taxes (and government) are weighing down the economy.   But it won’t.   These tax “cuts” are special interest reductions in taxes; they are not across-the-board.  Does this say that there are good tax cuts and not-so-good ones?

When a tax cut goes to a special interest, that entity might have a few extra bucks to pursue various endeavors.   But it was a politician who decided that the specific special interest was deserving.   There are very few politicians who know how to invest money in business, for otherwise they would be in business.  Yet we allow them to decide who gets tax cuts.  That is outrageous.

An across-the-board tax cut entices more people to become entrepreneurs and they will know soon enough whether the investment they make in money and effort will be successful.  Some will and some won’t.  But customers decide, not some politician.  And a lower tax rate will encourage more people to try a new venture.   That’s where an economy gets its growth.

Austrian economists have known for quite some time that central planing doesn’t work and they’ve got the logical proof of such.   The world has played with central planning in places like the Soviet Union.  Is that not proof enough?     China figured it out and even though it is still a dictatorship, it has allowed for entrepreneurship which has been successful.

Are conservatives in America waiting for the stars to line up just right?   Yes, it would be nice to have one of their own as President but the voting public is not smart enough to pick a competent leader.  So we must move on with what we have.   We must not cave into special interests and we must move toward smaller government and less taxes.  The budget deal is a big disappointment.