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Oct 22 2014
 by Bill B. May


What Is The Purpose Of Testing?

Testing is a big topic in education with government getting involved through No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top and Common Core.   Indeed, it is surely a fact that if you don't measure something, you won't know if you are making progress.  But in most other endeavors, we don't test like we do in schools.  So we must ask, what is the purpose of school testing?  Why are we doing it the way we are?  What should testing be telling us?  I discuss these issues in the latest Caveman article.  In manufacturing, we test for a couple reasons.  Primarily, we want our customers to get the product that they bought, working as expected.  But probably even a bigger item is that we want to know whether the manufacturing process is working as we want.  And if not, we want to find out how to improve it, how to fix it.  This latter item is missing in schools, in my view.  Now I don't want to imply that education of our kids is the same as a manufacturing process, but it surely must be the case that the education process can be improved, greatly.  We might find out that our educational process does not result in a good knowledge of history, for example.  That usually means to the educational community that we need to beat more history into the kids.  But seldom does it mean that we need to make history more interesting and fun for the kids.  That's the process that needs to be improved. 


A Rabbi's View Of The War

If you're read my material, you understand that I think we are in a War With Islam.  See here and here, from Caveman News.  I am convinced that we have a moral battle on our hands with Muslims, maybe not all of them, but those who accept the anti-liberty aspects of the Koran.  The teachings of the Koran are totally at odds with the liberties that the free world has enjoyed and has allowed progress in all kinds of things like poverty and civility.  Of course, we are not perfect but we are far advanced from the medieval thinking found in the Koran.  Today, I present a document that is a sermon by a Rabi.  It is long but the subject is so important that you should take the time to read it.  Eloquently, it confirms my concerns. 

You Can’t Reform Islam Without Reforming


Daniel Greenfield saysEvery few years the debate over reforming Islam bubbles up from the depths of a culture that largely censors any suggestion that Islam needs reforming.
But Islam does not exist apart from Muslims. It is not an abstract entity that can be changed without changing its followers. And if Islam has not changed, that is because Muslims do not want it to.


Minimum Wage Logic:  Embarrassing

Walter Williams, a fine economist in his own right, talks about the fallacies of some main stream economists when it comes to minimum wage.  Nobody questions that if a price is increased on some product that sales will go down.  It is fundamental to human nature, and maybe all of nature.  Is the cow going to do the extra work (pay more) to find grass ten miles away when the grass is under its feet?  Everything takes the easy route; even evolution.   But some economists don't see it that way on minimum wage.  My favorite punching bag, Paul Krugman, thinks that you can violate human nature or Mother Nature with wages.   Things will be even better for everybody if wages are raised.  NOT. 


A Method To His Madness

Caroline Glick argues that Obama is not incompetent.  In fact, he is sly as a fox.  Unfortunately, his goals are not our goals.  I believe his goals are to boost Islam and communism.  Look at what he has accomplished.  We as a country are heading down the path to communism along a very straight line, as fast as Obama can move us and not get impeached.  The same is true of his foreign policy.   He doesn't really want to win the War on Islam; instead he wants to do enough to keep the public behind him, sort of, but his emotions play to Islam. 


US Ordering 34 Million Green Cards For Illegal


With some lawmakers predicting a sweeping executive order on immigration from President Barack Obama after the Nov. 4 elections, one federal agency is already making plans to hire a vendor to crank out up to 34 million  blank green cards to accommodate an expected surge in immigrants in 2016.
And we thought Nixon was tricky Dick. This guy is lower than low.  


Tea Partyers Toe GOP Line And Back

Moderates For Senate

Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express members say it’s more important to win the Senate than elect hardcore conservatives, and they have put out the word: Moderates like Sen. Pat Roberts and Sen. Scott Brown have their support.
Yes, but right after the election, they had better get back to their principles. 


Social Security Benefits To Go Up By 1.7


Millions of older Americans who rely on federal benefits will get a 1.7 percent increase in their monthly payments next year, the government announced Wednesday.
Whoop de do.  If it were privatized, the payments would be far larger. 


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