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Oct 29 2014
 by Bill B. May


Polarization Of The People

Fifty or more years ago, America was polarized by many things like race and religion and sometimes country of origin.  Today the big divider is politics, so says Ryan McMaken and that is based upon research on the issue.    While we've gotten less sensitive about race (who cares that we are working next to a minority) or religion (who cares about our President's religion).  But today, we are often afraid to talk politics with acquaintances.  The study shows that Americans generally live among people with whom they agree politically and they marry people with the same political leanings.  Why is that?  Government has become so intrusive in our lives that we begin to have strong opinions about it.   Fifty years ago, we accepted that the government would generally do the right thing.  It wouldn't take away our property without just cause; and it wouldn't keep us from building on a lot with a mud puddle that dries up most of the year.  Today, we are not so trustful of our police.  Events where unarmed individuals are shot by the police make us wonder whether they are our friends.  The article argues that government has become too powerful in America. That is surely true but no one has much in the way of solutions to the problem.  Where do you start to take away the power? 
I have a solution.  We force government back to its original purpose:  Keep the peace.   But what does that mean?  The Federal government was originally designed to defend America from foreign threats and to make sure the states were not at each other's throats.  States and local governments were designed to do the same, getting down eventually to making sure people didn't disrupt the peace.  All of this stems from the concept of liberty:  The freedom to do what you want as long as you don't violate the liberty of others.  This holds for individuals, towns and countries.  The big bugaboo where we strayed from the originating concepts of America is the words "general welfare" found in the Constitution.  The founders' idea, in my view, was that government could do the things necessary for the government to survive.  I don't think it meant to provide general welfare to the people. Whether I'm right or wrong about the founders, I am certain that the "general welfare" clause has been used to justify most every meddling by the government in the lives of people. 
The founders also were heavily into the term, liberty.   Liberty and welfare as we know it are conflicting.  Welfare is taking money from taxpayers and spreading it to others.  That is a violation of liberty unless all taxpayers agree to it (and I don't mean democratically, I mean every single taxpayer).  The only way to get back to this original intent is to have a Constitutional Amendment that defines the role and purpose of government.  It must be that:
Government's only purpose is to maintain liberty and aid in compromise where there are conflicts of liberty.  It must not otherwise violate people's liberty.  
These two simple sentences would do it.   Simple solutions are usually the best.  Article Reference.


Obama Pulls Out Americans

Hopefully, we have learned our lessons in the Middle East but I doubt it.  Each President from Reagan onward has meddled in the Middle East.  We've tried to institute democracy and freedom for the people.   We eventually pull out in failure.  You would think by now we might have learned the lesson:   Muslims don't want our help.   And you can be sure that Obama's air war against ISIS will end the same way.  The IBD in an article today laments that American and British forces are being pulled out of two main camps in Afghanistan, almost as if we have our tails between our hind legs. That is no way for a proud nation to end an adventure.  But we shouldn't have started it in the first place.  That is the lesson we have not learned.   But you ask, what should we have done after 9/11?  We can't just let these countries harbor terrorists, support their training and so forth.  We must punish them because they violated our liberty. The punishment must be severe enough that they don't try it again even if that means forces  on the ground.  But get in, do the punishment and get out.  That is the answer.  I thought at the time that George H. W. Bush made a mistake in not killing or capturing Saddam after his invasion of Kuwait.  But maybe not.  Saddam and the other dictators in the region were surely impressed with our military prowess.   Libya's dictator took notice by ending his nuclear program.  And Saddam might have stopped ISIS.  We can't police the world but we surely can send a message that our liberty is not to be meddled with.   Article Reference.


Iraqi Kurds Head For Kobani To Join Fight

Against Islamic State

Thousands of cheering, flag-waving people gave a noisy send-off to a group of Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga troops who left Tuesday for Turkey — the first step on their way to help their Syrian brethren fight Islamic extremists in the embattled border town of Kobani.
That's better than involving American troops. 


Africa Needs Liberty, Not Aid

So says Walter Williams.   With crises like Ebola, our first inclination is to send aid.  That is noble but it is wrong.   What Africa needs is freedom for the individual.  By sending aid, we are enabling the dictators who drive the economy into the ground.   Williams doesn't really say what we should do; but our foreign policy must be devoted to liberty of the people.  I spent some time in Iran before the revolution.  The US had the idea of arming Iran to help balance the power with the USSR.  In the process, we forced the Shah into many more liberty-enhancing policies.  Iran was a healthy society at the time except for the Mullahs and the Ayatollah.   They gained power and destroyed any concept of liberty.  So if we are to change Africa, we must work at showing the benefits of liberty to the people. 


The Affordable Care Act: A Misnomer

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make health care more affordable, but a newly released study of insurance policies before and after ObamaCare shows that average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups by as much as 78 percent.


Pope Francis: Evolution 'Not Inconsistent With

The Notion Of Creation'

Pope Francis said the "Big Bang" theory isn't contrary to creationism -- that evolution and Bible teachings really do mix.


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