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May 26 2015
 by Bill B. May


Obama Amnesty Helps Guest-Workers And

Their Spouses Over Laid-Off Tech Workers

Technology workers who say they lost their jobs to immigrant workers lost their bid to halt President Obama’s latest guest-worker program after a court ruled Sunday evening that they couldn’t prove the new workers would specifically compete with them.
America means nothing to Obama.  Let's just open the borders to anyone.  Nothing special about our government and our way of life, he says. 
America is based on a political ideal expressed in the Constitution.  That has made us successful for over 200 years and he is tearing it down in 6.   Letting in just anybody will dilute the founders' ideals.  They don't know and don't respect the wisdom of the founders.  They just want a pretty penny.  Obama is destroying America.


Rome: Money, Mischief and Minted Crises

Marc Hyden and Lawrence W. Reed write about the debasement of currency and its effect on Rome.  It is a telling story about how  printing or otherwise lessening the value of money eventually destroys an economy and society along with it.  Their last paragraph is telling:  Honest and transparent policies could have saved the Romans from centuries of economic hardships. The question future historians will answer when they look back on our period is, “What did the Americans learn from the Roman experience?”
Not much, apparently. 


Why The Clinton-Stephanopoulos Connection


Ruben Navarrette saysIn 1999, a week after Al Gore claimed that he created the Internet, Bill Clinton appeared at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner. Having recently been stung by a former close adviser who signed a deal with a television network and penned a memoir distancing himself from the 42nd president, Clinton joked that he, too, was an inventor: “I invented George Stephanopoulos.”
Ouch! Clinton has never been shy about reminding the boy wonder of his 1992 presidential campaign just who was indebted to whom.


The Pathway To Faster Cures

Bartley J. Madden writesWhen it comes to life-saving drugs, we need more than modest reform.
Indeed.  His proposal goes part way.  He suggests making it optional on the patient's part as to whether the FDA has gone through the efficacy part of drug approval.  In other words, a patient could try a drug after it had only gone through safety testing.   The drug company could continue with efficacy trials, i.e. how well does the drug work, not whether it is safe.  This is surely a step in the right direction but only a small step.  He probably takes this small step in order not to upset the bureaucrats but it is still a small step.  At most, the FDA should only be allowed to test for safety and if it were up to me, I would find an industry group to regulate safety issues, just like the UL for electrical products.  It works better than any government bureaucracy. 


Where Are All The Gay Marriages?

Mark Nuckols  says:  And yet, where are all the gay marriages? You would think from the massive PR campaign of the last few years that millions of gay couples were just pining away to get hitched and settle down in a cozy little house with a white picket fence. Well, so far the promised flood of gay marriage licenses has turned out to be not much more than a trickle.


Differences Between Left And Right: Part I

Dennis Prager writes:   Most Americans hold either liberal or conservative positions on most matters. In many instances, however, they would be hard pressed to explain their position or the position they oppose.
But if you can't explain both sides, how do you know you're right?
At the very least, you need to understand both the liberal and conservative positions in order to effectively understand your own.
It is a decent article but I wish he hadn't used the term liberal for leftist.  Leftists take away liberty; they are not liberal. 


Young Conservatives Push GOP Tolerance On

Gay Marriage, Other Social Issues

A group of young conservatives is rallying to reshape Republicans’ approach to social issues and particularly to same-sex marriage, arguing that the GOP is chasing away younger voters who would be supporters but for the party’s exclusionary stances.
That is the correct thing to do but gay marriage is still an oxymoron. 


Fall Of Ramadi Has Ex-Troops Frustrated With

Iraqi Forces, Obama’s Strategy

Echoing concerns of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who said Iraqi troops have not shown a “will to fight” the Islamic State, many U.S. servicemen and women have expressed frustration over the Iraqi army’s inability to defend its nation, and hold varying views on how much U.S. engagement is the right way forward.
We had them on the road to democracy and then Obama bailed. 


Driving Uber Mad

Maureen Dowd writesOn a reporting expedition to Los Angeles recently, I realized I could stop renting cars. I would never again have to brave the L.A. freeway behind the wheel. I would never have to obsess, like the characters in the “Saturday Night Live” skit, “The Californians,” about taking the 101 to the 110 and Canyon View Drive over to San Vincente to the 10, then switching over to the 405 North and getting dumped out onto Mulholland.
I had Uber.


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