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Mar 05 2015
 by Bill B. May


America Is Safer Than It Has Ever Been?

"The American people deserve to hear complex, multifaceted debates about any number of complex, multifaceted matters. This is not one of them. Obama is simply right. The alarmists are simply wrong. America is safer than it has ever been and very likely safer than any country has ever been, a fact that politicians and the public are curiously reluctant to believe."  This according to Jonathan Rauch, writing in the Atlantic. 
He may well be right in the big scheme of things.  Trade has brought people closer together, as it always has.  With the internet, airplanes, fast ships, and the like, the world is much smaller and people have more reason not to fight.  On the other hand, medieval wars were not fought with nuclear weapons, which is a possibility at any time now.  The damage and deaths caused by a nuclear conflagration would quickly reverse any thoughts of a safer world. 
But even without the nuclear issue, it is a big stretch to think we are safer today than we were 6 years ago, as Obama implicates.  When Obama took over,
·         Iraq was relatively quiet
·         So was Afghanistan
·         Libya was behaving itself
·         Egypt and Africa were under control
·         Iran was much further away from the bomb than it is today
·         ISIS didn't exist
I would not think the trend is positive over this short period of time. 
I would remind people that at the time of WWI, people thought it was the war to end all wars.  Funny what happened afterwards.   In the last 100 years, we've faced threats from Germany twice with its axis of Italy and Japan in WWII, the Communist threat, and many skirmishes, often related to the big threats that included the Korean and Viet Nam wars.   
One reason that we've been more peaceful is nuclear deterrence.  The big guys know that meddling with nuclear weapons could be the end of civilization.   But what about the religious fanatics who think dying is the perfect way to show their dedication?   That is what we are facing today.  It has been a long time since a big religious war has been fought.  In the 20th Century, most of the wars were started by evil men who wanted to control more of the earth.  But religious wars are different.   Their leaders don't care about death as the evil ones do.   They care about converting all of civilization to their religion and in their view, death takes them to Heaven.  
It may well be that civilization is becoming more civilized in the big picture but that doesn't guarantee that you won't die as a result of war today.   Dying as a result of some evil person or religious fanatic is still the ultimate loss of your liberty.  We can pretend things are better for society as a whole because socialized thinking focuses only on the whole group.   But if we are dying individually, social trends are not very important.  To you, the individual, it matters not.  You are still dead.   And your liberty is gone.  Think of those who died in 9/11.  Even if we are safer than at any time in history, we still have a long way to go and we shouldn't rest on our laurels.  Not until everyone has their liberty guaranteed. 


Netanyahu's Speech

Thomas Friedman talks about the Iranian negotiations and Netanyahu's speech.  In one part, he says:  "Given that Iran has already mastered the techniques to make a bomb and managed to import all the components to do so, despite sanctions, it is impossible to eliminate Iran's bombmaking capabilities."  And just how did that happen?   Obama diddled for six years allowing it to happen.   How come you didn't alert us to the problem years ago, Friedman?  You are just as culpable as Obama. He goes on, "I would also welcome Congress accompanying the deal by granting the president formal authorization — right now — to use "any means necessary" to respond should Iran try to break out of the deal," at which Obama is long gone, hopefully.  Then we have, "These conditions would satisfy U.S. strategic concerns, while opening the possibility — nothing more — for Iran to become more integrated into the global system."   Iran doesn't want anything but the dominance of Islam.  That is what the Mullahs have always wanted since the overthrow of the Shah. 

Netanyahu: ‘Even If Israel Has To Stand Alone,

Israel Will Stand.’

Daniel Greenfield writes:   In 1967, Benjamin Netanyahu skipped his high school graduation in Pennsylvania to head off to Israel to help in the Six Day War. That same year Obama moved with his mother to Indonesia.

Netanyahu's Strong Warning To Congress -

And Obama

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a blistering speech to Congress on Tuesday, raising images of the Holocaust and warning that an impending nuclear deal with Iran would be worse than no deal at all. Among his objections to the deal-in-progress as it has been reported: The agreement would lift restrictions against Iran in a decade or so and would let Tehran maintain much of its growing nuclear infrastructure.

Obama's Audacious Weakness Only

Encourages Global Chaos

Victor Davis Hanson chimes inIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress Tuesday to warn Americans of the anti-Western threats from theocratic — and likely soon to be nuclear — Iran.
Netanyahu came to the U.S. to outline the Iranian plan to remake the Middle East with a new nuclear arsenal. His warning was delivered over the objections of the Obama administration, which wants to cut a deal with Iran that allows the theocracy to continue to enrich lots of uranium.

The Dubious Deal of the Century

Cliff May writesRemember when President Obama’s spokesmen said that striking a bad deal with Iran would be worse than striking no deal at all, and that a good deal means Iran dismantles its nuclear weapons programs?
At this point, it’s all but certain that Mr. Obama is prepared to accept a deal that will be dangerous for America and the West – and, yes, life-threatening for Israel.



Bad Ideas Breed Bad Foreign Policy

Bruce Thornton writesBarack Obama’s foreign policy will go down in U.S. history as one of the most dangerously inept ever. Created by equal amounts of ignorance, arrogance, and partisan politics, the president’s policies have left behind a world in which rivals and enemies are on the march, while allies and friends are endangered and alienated. He deserves the opprobrium with which future history should load him.
It comes from thinking that everyone thinks like us and an ignorance of liberty. 


The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of


The end of democracy is probably a little overstated but for a democracy to work, we must have openness and transparency.   Ben Shapiro says that is lacking with Hillary. 



Alabama Justices: Until High Court Rules,

We’re In Charge

The Alabama Supreme Court has made itself an outlier in the judicial march legalizing same-sex marriages in the United States, drawing rebukes from gay rights advocates and evoking comparisons to Alabama’s defiance of federal authorities during the civil rights movement.
Politicians all lie.  And if it is not an outright lie, it is a change of the meaning of words.  For eons, marriage has meant a coupling between man and woman.  So gay marriage is an oxymoron.  Politicians will do anything to get what they want.   But then, we had Bill Clinton trying to define the word "is". 


Ashton Carter: DOD Must Work Harder On


Officials at the famously insular Department of Defense said Wednesday they often find it “awkward” to work with other parts of the government, but realize they’ll have to try harder if they’re going to tackle cross-agency issues such as cybersecurity.


Obama’s Recession Efforts Didn’t Help Middle

Class, Poor — Report

More than seven out of ten Americans believe that government policies introduced since the recession have done little or nothing to help the middle class or the poor finds a new poll from the Pew Research center.
It's a lot more than polling but there is this saying, you can fool all the people some of the time,......
I've been saying this for a long time.  We are still in a recession when you look at overall statistics and ignore the stock market.  Salaries are stagnant, unemployment is totally unacceptable if you look at the real numbers, and the GDP is mudding around at barely 2% growth.   That is not a healthy economy.  When money is printed as Obama and the Fed have done, it only benefits those who get their hands on the money first---Wall Street.  That's why the stock market is supposedly reflecting a healthy economy when in fact the economy is in the doldrums. 


El Nino Finally Here; But This 1 Is Weak, Weird

And Late

A long anticipated El Nino has finally arrived. But for drought-struck California, it's too little, too late, meteorologists say.


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