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Apr 20 2014
 by Bill B. May


The Right Way To Look At Education

Thomas Friedman writes a story about what kids should look for in their college education.  It is analytical skills, he says as a result of interviewing an HR person at Google.   The ability to think logically is something that is sorely missing in society.  The only quibble I had with the article was when he talked about economics and how it is merging with social disciplines.  That is not new.  Many economics giants knew that all along.  Economics is about people and what decisions they make, usually having to with monetary things. But it is not the science of materials; it is the science of people.  In the last 100 years, some thought that economics was the same as the hard sciences.  It is not and never was. 


Competition Works Again

Almost always, competition makes things better.  That is certainly true in school.  The Reason Foundation’s Jim Epstein talks about a NYC mother who was persistent about getting her child got into a charter school.  It made all the difference and it even improved the rotten school she had been assigned to.  



Second Generation Become More Radicalized

So says,  Raymond Ibrahim.  Muslims see the wonders of freedom and liberty; then they apply it to their religion and it all comes out backwards.  Our freedom to do what we want comes out as their liberty to kill infidels.  They forgot an important piece of the liberty concept; namely, you don’t have the freedom to violate the liberty of others.   This applies to the other concepts of Western civilization.  They take the liberal (in the original definition of the word) aspects and apply it to the cockeyed ideas of their religion.   Liberty is not a concept for which they are familiar. 


Pope Francis, Huge Crowd Joyously Celebrate


Crowd overflows from St. Peter's Square for Pope's Easter Mass under sunny skies
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