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Jul 23 2014
 by Bill B. May


Obama Frees Al-Qaida, Not Just Taliban, From


War On Terror: As al-Qaida threatens to blow up U.S. planes and the U.S. Open in New York, the president is cutting loose hardcore al-Qaida terrorists from Gitmo through a secretive parole board.
Set up under a little-known executive order, the Periodic Review Board has already cleared for release detainees who were classified “continuing significant threats” and unreleasable. It maintains that they’re no longer dangerous because they’ve taken up yoga and want go home and be “milk and honey” farmers. It actually finds their stories “credible.”
I'm convinced Obama is Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer.   This is simply incredulous. 


FAA Bars Flights To Tel Aviv Amid Missile


The Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice Tuesday barring U.S. airlines from flying to or from Tel Aviv’s airport for up to 24 hours after a rocket landed nearby.
Is this intended to help America or hurt Israel?  With Obama as President, I suggest the latter.


Obama Orders Pentagon Advisers To Ukraine

To Fend Off Putin-Backed Rebels

A team of Pentagon officials is heading to Ukraine to help the country rebuild its fractured military.
This should have been done months ago.  Leading from behind, as usual. 


Contrasting Judgments On Obama’s Health

Care Hours Apart; Appeals Court Calls

Subsidies Unlawful

Opponents of President Obama’s health care law notched their biggest legal win to date Tuesday, when the second-most-powerful court in the country said the administration had unlawfully extended ObamaCare subsidies to millions of Americans.


'Operation Normandy' Set To Send 3,500

Volunteers To Border To 'Stop An Invasion'

Jim Gilchrist — one of the founders of the Minutemen Project — said he’s reaching out across America to recruit at least 3,500 volunteers who will go to the border to patrol and cover the “porous areas” between San Diego and Brownsville, Texas.


Worldwide Web Of Challenges As U.S. Cedes

Internet Oversight

As the Obama administration prepares to cede a key oversight role for the Internet and domain names, technology officials say the next challenge for the Web will be to ensure accountability and preserve the Internet’s openness as a global communications and commerce network.
Another dumb move. 


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