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Apr 23 2014
 by Bill B. May



Inherently, The Muslim Religion Promotes


Greenfield goes over the reasons why Islam is the religion of violence.  It is spread throughout their teachings and their holy book.  It is not the result of some long-ago wrong perpetrated on the Muslim people.  It is inherent in their religion.  It is why so few Muslims stood up against their members who perpetrated 9/11.  It is why crowds in the Arab world celebrated 9/11 and other "wins" by their compatriots.  America tries to be fair to everyone when it comes to issues.  Leaders think that Muslims are just people like us who respect other people.  But that is not the case with Islam. They don't respect others and they don't want peace with others.  They don't want live and let live.  They want to kill; it is so written.   We as a country must realize this; our leaders must realize this.  And then we must act.  We must stop immigration of Muslim people.  Their ideals do not fit America's and it is time to stop corrupting our ideals by allowing these people to be a part of America.  We should stop helping Muslim people rid their tyrants.  Their philosophy will only engender more tyrants.  It is a losing battle. Let Syrians fight among themselves and only help the Christians and Jews find a better place to live.  Islam is the enemy of a peaceful world; the sooner we recognize this and act accordingly, the better. 


What About Youth

Inequality in pay for the young is far greater than the gender inequality with women, says Walter Williams.  Yet nobody is surprised.  They shouldn't be with women either.   There are explanations for any inequality, usually lack of experience and commitment that explain the difference. 
Corporations pay people according to what they generate in revenues and profits.   If they didn't pay adequately, some other corporation would take advantage of the situation and hire all the underpaid workers, thereby increasing their profits.  Look at sports teams.  Winning is everything and they hire some of the worst people in order to win.  I imagine the owners are not happy about some of the shenanigans that their workers produce but winning is so important that owners overlook the foibles.  If women were truly underpaid, some employer would scoop up all the underpaid ones and make more profit than the other companies.   Liberal arguments along these lines make no sense whatsoever in a free society.  The other solution is central planning which was tried with communism and fascism.  Free enterprise swamped them. 


The High Cost Of Disarmament

Whether it is nations that disarm or people who are disarmed by gun control laws, the result is always the same.  The weaker individuals or countries get their liberty handed to them in a casket.  Thomas Sowell uses history to show this to be true.   The trouble with liberals is that they think everyone thinks like them.  But rogue nation leaders and criminals don't think that way.  Unfortunately we have evil in the world and being nice to evil never works. 


The FDA Needs To Move Faster On Safe Drug


Matthews writes that the FDA is causing deaths by its slow approval process.  I'll go a step further and say they should not be in charge of determining the efficacy of drugs.   Instead, they should only worry about safety and maybe not even that so much.  Doctors and people will determine whether a drug works or not.  And they'll do it a lot sooner than the FDA. 


The Imperial President

That's the word from Phyllis Schlafly.  I'll go further and say he is the dictator-in-chief.  And like most communist nations, they started out with democracy and then they elected someone who took power from the people.   Obama fits that perfectly. 


Give Up:  It Won't Be Competitive Any Time


The IBD has a fine article on wind energy and why it only survives with subsidies.   Why should taxpayers shoulder the responsibility for a bad idea?   It is a outrageous violation of taxpayer liberty.  It is taking, unfortunately lawfully, money away from taxpayers and spending it on things they don't want and or if they do, they aren't willing to pay for the real costs. 


Pentagon Plans To Replace Flight Crews With

‘Full-Time’ Robots

The Pentagon’s research agency tasked with developing breakthrough technologies for national security has come up with a plan for dealing with shrinking budgets: robotic flight crews.


Senate Races Are Close In Southern States,

Poll Shows

With six months to go before the 2014 midterm elections, a new poll shows that the national political environment is working in the GOP’s favor in crucial Senate races in the South that could decide which party controls the Senate, but that Democrats are still keeping the races close.


We post many more articles than highlighted on this page.   Some are highly ranked but don't meet my notion of deserving special attention, perhaps because they were covered recently.   I invite you to peruse all the posted articles, or maybe just the liberal ones or the conservative ones
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