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Sep 30 2014
 by Bill B. May


Obama Throws America's Spies Under The Bus

When was the last time that Obama ever took any blame for a disaster?  When was the first time?   Never?   He never accepts or admits failure yet his administration is fraught with failure.  Whatever happened to his Democratic predecessor Harry Truman who knew and said, "The buck stops here".    Michael B Kelley and Brett LoGiurato write about the evidence that people in high levels of the Obama administration knew and warned of the strength of ISIS in early 2014.  Obama ignored it.  That information was counter to all Obama was saying about his successes in the Middle East.  Under the bus, it went. 


Government Has Duty To Protect Us From


So says Walter Williams.  Yes indeed.  That is one of the few purposes of a national government.   But I don't think it is the purpose of the national government to go looking for trouble or to act as policeman for all the intra-religious fights of Muslims.    It might not be long before they are a threat to the free world and I surely would be supporting Israel more than the current administration.   But I would not go meddling in these Islamic squabbles.  Instead, we should figure out how to defeat Islam once and for all.  Its Koran teaches violence and such teachings violate the liberty of everyone else.  ISIS is not the threat being portrayed by the hawks to include Obama (that's a laugh, eh?).  But Islam is a threat.   

 Holder To Ban Religion In Terror Probes

The IBD saysOne of Eric Holder's last acts as attorney general will block federal agents from spying on jihadists inside mosques in a concession to Muslim groups clamoring for a religious profiling ban. The timing couldn't be worse.
Islam is our enemy.  That is where the threat comes from, namely Islam's teaching.  And where is that taught?  In the mosques.  Holder should have left five years ago.   No doubt, this comes from Obama who either is a Muslim or has great sympathy for Muslims. 


Even With Tidbits, Sowell Hits The Mark  

Every so often, Thomas Sowell writes an article of tidbits from the passing scene.  No theme can be found but each tidbit is a jewel in itself. 


Feds Could Stop 50,000 Deportations A Year

By Carving Out Traffic Offenses

That has to be the dumbest idea of the day, or maybe month, or year.  So that Obama can keep more of his Hispanic Democratic voters, this article is suggesting that if he didn't deport for traffic violations, it would save 50,000 deportations.  Hey, the one big violation of law that goes well beyond a traffic violation is entering this country illegally.  And they did that before they were stopped for a traffic violation.  The twisted logic of open borders proponents is ridiculous. 


We post many more articles than highlighted on this page.   Some are highly ranked but don't meet my notion of deserving special attention, perhaps because they were covered recently.   I invite you to peruse all the posted articles, or maybe just the liberal onesor the conservative ones
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