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Jul 30 2014
 by Bill B. May



Entrepreneurial Government:  An Oxymoron?

Kubik writes that there are a group of economists who believe that government is necessary to forge progress. Not so, he says.  The true advances of technology seldom follow government leadership.   Many point to the Internet as a huge success story of government invention.  Mainly, government invention happens when government has a problem to solve in its defined business.  The internet was invented when government needed a way for researchers to collaborate on problems in the defense industry.  Individuals then invented a solution which became the internet.   Things get invented when problems need to be solved, government or not.  When government tries to anticipate problems by throwing money at a solution without a defined problem, it is almost always wasted. The government has no crystal ball that tells them what problem needs to be solved.  Entrepreneurs don't either but they are willing to try to solve problems and when they fail, they quit funding the work; the government never knows when to quit.  That happens largely because the government has access to taxpayer money while private enterprise does not. 


Soaring Disability Rolls Boost Government


And dependency means a loss of liberty.  Instead of you choosing what kind of life you want, government makes you dependent on government life which mostly limits initiative to better oneself.  Betsy McCaughey writes that federal disability programs are just an open invitation to fraud.  The number of people on these programs is just astounding.  America is becoming a ghetto.  Only a few work and those who do can't keep paying for those who don't. 


U.S. Economy Roars Back In Spring Quarter

The U.S. economy snapped back this spring from a winter down spell, growing at a robust 4 percent annual rate in the second quarter of 2014, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday.
Though 4% is a good quarter, we still haven't had a blockbuster quarter that normally comes after a recession, a quarter with 5 or6% growth.  And there are still millions unemployed or underemployed. That number has not improved and is pretty much static.  It is not surprising when government is such a drag on the economy. 


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Favorability Hits 82

Percent, Obama’s At 40 Percent

Israelites of all political walks have rallied behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent weeks, boosting the Jewish nation leader to an 82 percent popularity rate — twice that of what U.S. President Obama touts.
Leadership gets respect.   I suppose Israel needs US support as well as that of its own people, but it looks like the US has decided against support.


Israel Accused Of Striking U.N. School, Killing

At Least 15

Israel’s military was accused Wednesday of striking a school run by the United Nations located in the Gaza Strip, leading to the death of at least 15 Palestinians.
Was that the same school where they found rockets earlier?

 Israel Hits Symbols Of Hamas Rule; Scores


Israel unleashed its heaviest bombardment in a 3-week-old war against Hamas on Tuesday, striking symbols of the militant group’s control in Gaza and firing tank shells that Palestinian officials said shut down the strip’s only power plant.
There is a simple solution for Hamas.  Surrender. 


Al Qaeda Nets $125M From Ransom Payoffs

From Europe Since 2008

The terror group al Qaeda has found a cash cow in ransom payoffs from European nations, netting a minimum of $125 million over the past six years from the kidnapping trade, The New York Times reported.
Paying ransom never works.  They only want more then. 


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