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Sep 17 2014
 by Bill B. May


Coalitions:  Principles Vs. Self-Interest

Greenfield talks about the coalitions that Bush and Obama put together to fight enemies in the world.   Bush's coalitions were really countries that wanted the assurance of America in case they were attacked.  Obama's coalition is non-existent except for France.  Why?  Because nobody trusts the US to fight for them anymore. 

Go To The Source

Caroline Glick says that to defeat ISIS, the US must go to the source of their support, namely Turkey and Qatar. Again, as I've said in my articles on how to win the Islamic War, we have to think broader than the latest skirmish that the extremists have fomented.  Of course, Turkey is a dilemma as it is a member of NATO where presumably the other members respond to any attack on a member.   Of course, NATO was always more a paper tiger than a real fighting force.  But taking Turkey to task for its support of extremists is a real problem for our membership in NATO.   Caroline says, "Islamic State is a challenging foe. To defeat it, the US must be willing to confront Islamism. And it must be willing to fight to win."  Is this not what I've been saying?  The real problem is Islamism.  


What Exactly Is Comprehensive Immigration


Victor Davis Hanson saysComprehensive immigration reform — rarely has a catchphrase been so widely invoked and yet so little defined. Why?
If proponents of so-called reform detailed exactly what they wanted, American voters would never support their self-interested agendas.


Air Force Says It’s ‘Ready To Enter Into The

Next Phase’ Of Stealth Bombers

The Air Force believes that the prep work has been done on building the next long range stealth bomber and that it’s time to start “heavy lifting” on the project within the next year.


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