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Jan 30 2015
 by Bill B. May


Apple Sees The Light, Unfortunately

In a telling story about how politics corrupts the best of us, Tim Carney writes about Apple's history of lobbying.  While Jobs was still in charge, Apple paid little attention to the politicos.   Oh, Jobs may have voted for Obama from an ideological viewpoint.  After all, most of America thought racial strife would decrease under a black President, particularly a clean cut one who spoke well as Biden observed.  As time went on, Apple began to make more profits and it became the apple in the eye of politicians.   Whether Apple started to become involved politically because they had to or because they felt it would further their business model, we probably will never know.  My guess is that Apple had to defend its turf from the politicians.  But whatever the reasons, Apple found it beneficial to grease the skids in Washington, Sacramento and Cupertino.   Once that began to happen, the slope became very slippery.  Why work hard to do things right when a little grease here and there makes the world go round.   
This is not a criticism of Apple.  It is a huge black mark on politics.   In the early days, Apple (and Microsoft) went out of their way to avoid politicians.   Just let us do our thing; we don't need any help from politicians.  And they didn't until politicians found a fertile gold mine to raid.   They made it necessary for these companies to protect themselves from all the nastiness that politicians can cook up to make life miserable.   Once the politicians get their claws into a company, once a company hires the first lobbyist with a sizeable budget, the end is near.  
If politicians stuck to their knitting which is to make sure every citizen was treated fairly and did not have their liberty violated, we wouldn't have this problem.   But politicians have to get reelected and to do that, they have to promise some of the citizens a break that others don't get.  Right off the bat, they have violated the liberty of some of the people.  
As soon as that starts to happen, the whole game is "on".   Who can offer more goodies than the other politician?   It is only the taxpayer who gets screwed.   And isn't paying taxes a patriotic process?   Why, if you don't pay taxes or don't want to pay taxes, there is something wrong with you.  It is the American way, except it never was the American way until the last century. 
America has gone down this path of violating the liberty of some segments of society while favoring other segments.  It is ingrained into our system today.   I'm very discouraged about finding a way to reverse this whole mentality.  It seems that the only solution is a crisis.  My guess?   The country is or becomes so buried in debt it cannot survive.  Some financial blow-up will happen in which the only solution is to start over.  Probably not in my lifetime, but let's hope that something like that happens.  It cannot continue this way. 


Obama Funding the Anti-Bibi Campaign

Matthew Vadum writesThe Obama administration is using taxpayer dollars to fund a radical anti-Israel group that aims to drive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in March parliamentary elections.
I have no doubt that Obama is underhandedly trying to influence the Israel elections.  Obama favors Muslims over liberty.   But I think Vadum went a little too far in accusing many organizations of being part of the conspiracy.   The story didn't need those theories.


Chinese Approaching Arms Dominance,

Pentagon Warns

From the IBD:  A senior weapons developer tells Congress that Beijing's massive defense buildup, emphasizing precision-guided and other advanced weapons, has placed the U.S. and its shrinking military at serious risk.


Russia Cuts Key Rate To Help Economy,

Leaving Ruble To Drop

In a surprise decision, Russia's central bank on Friday cut its key interest rate, which it had raised sharply last month to support the collapsing ruble, in order to help the fading economy.
More fiddling by Central Banks.  It is obvious that the economics profession is at a loss as to what to do.   They simply don't understand the whole idea of manipulation.  Playing around with interest rates is not the answer.  Production by an economy is the answer.  Government usually hinders an economy rather than helps. 


Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline As 9

Democrats Buck Party Leaders

Senators approved the Keystone XL pipeline in a momentous vote Thursday as nine Democrats bucked their party leaders and joined Republicans in backing the long-stalled project, setting up an eventual showdown with President Obama, who has vowed a veto.
My guess:  Obama will fight back. 


Race-Baiters Attack Supreme Court Over

'Disparate Impact' Case

The IBD writes:  Racial Politics: Liberals imply that the "conservative" Supreme Court is racist just for agreeing to hear a case challenging the use of "disparate impact" theory to enforce civil-rights laws. But it's the theory that's racist, and it should be struck down.


U.S. Economy Slows To 2.6 Percent Growth In

Fourth Quarter

The U.S. economy slowed in the final three months of 2014 as a big burst in consumer spending was offset by weakness in other areas.


Balloon Crew Nearing North America

Surpasses Duration Record

The pilots of a helium-filled balloon flying across the Pacific Ocean surpassed a duration record Friday as they approach North America, marking a historic day for the team that already has eclipsed a distance milestone.


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